Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry is the branch of agriculture that focuses on the breeding, raising, and management of animals for various purposes, including food production, work, companionship, and research. It involves the care, feeding, and breeding of animals to ensure their health, productivity, and overall well-being.

Uses of Animal Husbandry:
1. Food Production: Animal husbandry plays a crucial role in meat, milk, egg, and other animal product production, which are important sources of protein and nutrients for human consumption.

2. Source of Income: Animal husbandry provides employment opportunities and a source of income for farmers, breeders, and workers involved in the production and sale of animal products.

3. Workforce and Transportation: Livestock animals such as bullocks and horses are used as work animals in agriculture and transportation in many rural areas.

4. Conservation: Animal husbandry also plays a role in the conservation of endangered species by breeding them in captivity and reintroducing them into the wild.

Advantages of Animal Husbandry business:

1. Sustainable and Reliable Income: Animal husbandry can provide a sustainable and reliable source of income for farmers as it involves the production and sale of animal products with a constant demand in the market.

2. Employment Generation: Animal husbandry generates employment opportunities at various levels, from farm management to breeding, feeding, veterinary care, and marketing.

3. Utilization of Resources: The business utilizes available resources such as land, water, and feed efficiently, making it a valuable component of resource management in agriculture.

4. Diversification: Animal husbandry allows farmers to diversify their income sources and reduce dependency on crop production alone, making the business more resilient to economic and environmental fluctuations.

India's Manufacturers and Suppliers in Animal Husbandry:

1. Amul Dairy: Amul Dairy is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of dairy products, including milk, yogurt, butter, and cheese in India.

2. Venky's India: Venky's India is a leading manufacturer and supplier of poultry products, including broiler chicken, eggs, and animal feed.

3. Suguna Foods Pvt Ltd: Suguna Foods is one of the largest poultry companies in India, involved in the production and supply of chicken, eggs, and poultry feed.

4. Indian Immunologicals Limited: Indian Immunologicals Limited is a biotechnology company that manufactures vaccines for various animal diseases, contributing to animal health and disease prevention.

5. Godrej Agrovet Limited: Godrej Agrovet Limited is a diversified agribusiness company involved in livestock feed, poultry, dairy, and other related products.

These are just a few examples of manufacturers and suppliers in India's animal husbandry sector. There are many more companies operating in this industry, catering to the needs of farmers and consumers in the country.

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