Agricultural Perlite

Agricultural perlite is a natural amorphous volcanic glass that is expanded by heating it to high temperatures. It is a lightweight, porous material that is commonly used in agriculture for various purposes.

Uses of Agricultural Perlite:
1. Soil Amendment: Perlite is used as a soil amendment to improve soil structure, aeration, and water drainage. It helps to increase soil porosity, allowing root growth and preventing waterlogging.
2. Seed Starting: Perlite is often mixed with other growing media, such as peat moss or coco coir, for starting seeds. It provides good aeration and moisture retention, promoting healthy root development.
3. Hydroponics: Perlite is widely used in hydroponics systems to provide support for plants and excellent aeration for the root zone.
4. Rooting Cuttings: Perlite is a popular medium for rooting cuttings due to its high porosity, which allows the cuttings to root easily.
5. Soilless Potting Mix: Perlite is an essential component of soilless potting mixes as it helps to improve drainage and prevent compaction.

Advantages of Agricultural Perlite:
1. Lightweight: Perlite is lightweight, making it easy to handle and transport. It is also beneficial for reducing the overall weight of the growing medium.
2. Drainage and Aeration: Perlite improves soil porosity, allowing excess water to drain away quickly and preventing waterlogging. It also provides excellent aeration for the roots.
3. pH Neutral: Perlite is pH neutral, meaning it does not significantly affect the pH of the growing medium. It is suitable for use in a wide range of plants and growing systems.
4. Sterile and Inert: Perlite is a sterile and inert material, ensuring that it is free from diseases, pests, and weed seeds.
5. Long-Lasting: Perlite is a long-lasting material and does not easily break down or decompose, providing stable support for plants over time.

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Agricultural Perlite in India:
1. Supreme Perlite Company:
2. Perl Tech:
3. V.Y. Company:
4. Minerals & Refractories:
5. Original Mineral Industries:

Note: It is always recommended to research and verify the credibility of manufacturers and suppliers before making any purchase.

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