6-Benzylaminopurine, also known as benzyladenine or BAP, is a synthetic cytokinin plant growth regulator. It is often used to promote cell division and growth in plants and has various applications in agriculture, horticulture, and tissue culture.

Uses and Advantages of 6-Benzylaminopurine:

1. Promoting plant growth: 6-Benzylaminopurine enhances cell division and elongation, resulting in increased shoot and root growth. It is used in agriculture to improve crop yields and accelerate plant growth.

2. Delaying senescence: The application of 6-Benzylaminopurine can delay leaf senescence, prolonging the greenness and functional lifespan of leaves. This can be beneficial for improving the quality and shelf life of harvested crops.

3. Seed germination: It can promote seed germination and improve seedling vigor, leading to uniformity in plant growth and development.

4. Fruit development and quality: Application of 6-Benzylaminopurine can enhance fruit set, size, and quality. It is used in horticulture to improve fruit yield, color, and flavor.

5. Tissue culture: 6-Benzylaminopurine is widely used in tissue culture techniques for the micropropagation of plants. It helps in the multiplication of plant cells and the production of disease-free clones.

Manufacturers and Suppliers in India:

1. Himedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
Website: https://www.himedialabs.com/

2. SD Fine Chemicals (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
Website: https://sdfine.com/

3. Bharat Agrochem (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
Website: https://bharatagrochem.com/

4. SRL Limited (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
Website: https://srlworld.com/

5. Mehta Chemicals (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
Website: http://mehtachem.tradeindia.com/

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there may be other manufacturers and suppliers in India as well. It is recommended to contact the respective companies or search for additional suppliers online for more options and specific requirements.

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